Your privacy and rights

You can choose how and when we should contact you. Your privacy and rights as a client are important to us.

Tell us how to contact you

You can choose how we contact you. Give us your preferred contact details and let us know if we should call, email or send you a letter and time of the day suit you.

If you don't want us to contact you directly, you can choose to be contacted through someone you trust, such as a friend or your therapist.

How we'll protect your information

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We’ll only ask you for the information we need to give you access to the support you need.

How we handle sensitive claims

ACC is bound by the rules of the Privacy Act. Any information you give us is confidential.

You can ask for a copy of your ACC file at any time.

Privacy at ACC

Your rights as an ACC client

ACC is bound by the Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights. The purpose of the code is to protect your rights as a client, to make sure we offer the highest possible level of customer service, and resolve your issues fairly and quickly.

Everybody who works with us must also comply with this code.

Make a complaint or sort out a problem 

Code of ACC Claimants' Rights