Finding the right therapist

You can choose from various therapists who offer different types of treatment.

A therapist that's the right fit for you

The organisations we work with have a range of therapists who have expertise working with people who've experienced sexual abuse or assault.

They work with people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. They can offer different types of treatment, including counselling and other therapies, to provide tailored support depending on your individual needs.

Your therapist may be a counsellor, psychotherapist, psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist. Some of them work as individuals and others work in groups or as an agency.

We fully fund these services, so there's no cost for you.

Using the search tool

Use our online search tool to see therapists who you may like to get in touch with. You will contact the organisation the therapist works form and they'll help schedule you in.

Use the tool to find a therapist

If you need help finding a therapist

If you’re having trouble finding a suitable therapist, or don't want to make the first contact, get in touch with us. We'll help you find someone and make an appointment.

Phone: 0800 735 566